IObit Unlocker Crack

IObit Unlocker With Product Code 2023 Latest

IObit Unlocker Crack works well in the resolution of “You cannot delete files,” “Access refuses,” “The file is in use by another program or user,” or “There have been shared rape problems.” With IObit Unlocker, you can administer all your files how you want. With “unlock and eliminate,” “unlock and rename, “unlock and move,” and “unlock and copy,” Iobit Unlocker offers more accessible ways to unlock and manage files and folders to keep them safe and available. Once you find “you can’t delete files,” drag or send them to the unlocker bit. Then you can unlock quickly, change the name, copy them, or move them as you want. No complex operation is needed.

You will have two options to use the program: drag the file directly to the Iobit and unlock the window, or right-click on the file or the folder and select the corresponding option in the emerging menu. With Iobit open, users will have an intuitive interface to administer different directories. The program is compatible with Windows Explorer since it is integrated with the utility configuration.

IObit Unlocker Crack

Click on the blocked file or folder you want to unlock or drag and release the file or folder in unlocking iobit to open it to be used. Only one click will solve the problem of “denied access.” You can choose between “unlock and delete,” “unlock and rename,” “unlock and move,” or “unlock and copy” to carry out the following operation with IObit Unlockeriobit quickly. The unlocking admits to unlocking multiple files or folders on a desk or desk U Other places simultaneously.


When using a laptop or PC, creating or copying a folder or file is not uncommon. In everyday life, when fighting with files and folders, of course, they find problems that hinder their work, one of which are files or folders that are difficult to eliminate in the usual way because it is blocked by the system or other applications where the file or folder that we are going to delete has a required access permit and cannot be deleted manually.

The file cannot be deleted. The warning appears because the file is still obliged or used by a program. But we need to find out what program the file uses, which is challenging. When the file is deleted, a warning will appear like the previous one, which is very annoying. The message appears because a program still uses the file, so it cannot be deleted. The causes of folders or files that are difficult to delete vary, one of which is the folder is still in use with other applications, then exposed to a virus, so it is difficult to eliminate, blocked by the administration system, and many others.

This application is a free application that supports the Windows operating system. In addition to this application is also very light and easy to use.

With IObit Unlocker, in addition to deleting difficult files, we can also open files blocked by other processes. And if the unlock process fails, there is also a function in forcing related processes to stop. Secured folders or files can also be opened, renamed, or moved to another location. The IObit unlock releases folders or files that other programs or users have used, allowing you to see, modify, and eliminate folders briefly.

IObit Unlocker for Windows has a straightforward GUI and is very easy to use, regardless of its technical experience. Iobit Unlocker is very similar to the usefulness of Windows, Tinytash. As mentioned above, Iobit’s unlocking for Windows has a fantastic and direct GUI that makes the application easy. Once you have downloaded this application and are within it, you will have two options: drag and release since it is much simpler than the alternative. To remove and free, drag the file that cannot be deleted in the Iobit unlock panel and follow the screen indications. With the proper click method, right-click on the file giving problems and select “Delete” in the menu.

In addition to being extremely light and easy to use, Iobit unlocking for Windows is also highly compatible with many devices. It is available for all recent Windows versions from Windows 7 and, from now on, both for 32 bits and 64 bits. If you have problems deleting a file from your Windows device, Iobit Unlocker is a straightforward and effective dedicated tool. It is incredibly effective for


  • Unlock several files/folders.
  • Iobit unlocking admits to unlocking multiple files or folders simultaneously on your desk or elsewhere.
  • Finish all associated processes.
  • When the “forced” mode changes, Iobit unlocking can cancel all associated processes that block files or folders.
  • Safe and safe
  • This is safe and safe, virus-free, adware and spyware.
  • It is very easy to use: only right-click on a file or blocked folder to unlock it, or drag and release files or folders in IObit
  • Unlocking to unlock it.
  • You can choose actions to unlock messages quickly. Unlock and delete, unlock and change the name,
  • Unlock and move or
  • Unlock and copy to continue working easily with IObit Unlocker.
  • Unlock several files/folders: Admit to unlock multiple files or folders on your desk or elsewhere.

What’s New.

  • Minor Bug Fixes.
  • The latest version is faster than before.


  • You can download and activate the unlocking IObit for free.
  • Single click access, ideal for beginners.


  • There are no recommendations about the dangers of finishing certain programs.
  • Does not support mobile phone users

System Requirements.

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard disk: 500 MB free space
  • Graphics card: no
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows 10, window

Product Code.


How To Download?

  • First of all, find the link to download
  • Now download it in full
  • Now install it on your system or PC
  • Extract from zip file easily
  • Run exactly
  • Enjoy.🙂

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